Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pottery Class

Y'all! I'm taking a pottery class at the Sumter Gallery of Art and it is literally the most exciting thing I've done since I moved back to Sumter. I've only been to class one time but I already made a bowl and a coffee cup without a handle! Last semester (of graduate school) wasn't extremely difficult BUT I didn't really have anything that I was doing for fun ...outside of those hundreds of pages of weekly reading. Hah! So, I decided that this semester I was going to take an art class at least once a week and start going back to yoga. So far, the art part of my resolution is going very well. Here's a look at what I've made so far and I look forward to posting pics of tons more stuff in the upcoming weeks! YAY!

Aren't they so beautiful!?!??! I'm so glad that we found the Sumter Gallery! I'm starting to feel a little bit more optimistic about living in Sumter.