Saturday, May 5, 2012

I almost forgot- THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!

Ok, so like everyone else in the entire world (except for those people who aren't), I am obsessed with The Hunger Games. I don't want to come across all "I read them before they were cool" but I totally did so...yeah. When I first heard that The Hunger Games would be made into a movie, I got all squealy and pretty much stayed that way until me, HeyMatthew (also obsessed with HG), my friend Amanda (more obsessed with HG than HeyMatthew, equally as obsessed as I am) and Amanda's husband Jacob (not at all obsessed with HG in any way...until now? We may have converted him.) went to see the movie! AGHHHHH!!!!!! It was sooo fun! Amanda borrowed t-shirts from a friend (thanks Vanessa!) so we wore those and we also had mockingjay pins, keychains, official Hunger Games necklaces and custom bead bracelets. So, here we are all decked out and excited! Sidenote- I cannot believe I went so long without realizing that there is a "sparkly text" option in photobucket. Awesome!! (Dear clients that I have booked for the summer, I will not do this with your photos. Do not cancel our sessions!)
nerding out in the bathroom.

our bracelets.

Doesn't it look like we had the most fun ever?!?! Well, that's because we did! I was a little upset about the bread thing not being included and the issue with the pin...(trying hard not to be a spoiler)...but other than that I really loved the movie. Read it! Go see it! Love it! FOR RUE!!!!! Jb

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