Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sumter Christmas Parade

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so slack about posting lately. My schedule has been crazy!! I'm editing a few shoots tonight and tomorrow so I'll have lots of new things to share very soon.
Last Sunday, mom asked me and HeyMatthew to walk with her office in the Sumter Christmas Parade. For those of you non-Sumterites, let me tell you a little bit about our parade... ITS A HUGE DEAL! Everyone in this town is either in the parade or watching from the side and if you're in it, you better have snazzy music or a bag full of candy or you are lame. It's serious business.
I was immediately excited to walk and HeyMatthew was too.... well, until he realized what being in the parade meant...


Hahaha! Isn't that awesome? He made such a sweet snowman and was really great with all of the kids. One of the kids screamed, "Give me some candy Frosty". Precious! Here are a few other pics. The first is all of the snowmen together... the "snowmob" if you will. My mom has the absolute best coworkers!! The second is me and my snowmom. See how you can pretty much combine snowman with any other word and make it awesome? Yeah. That's fun.



Best snowmom in the world!

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit!!! I've got lots of fun things ahead and I can't wait to share them with you. Back soon with more! Also, email me pictures of your christmas trees and tell me about your ornaments, theme, anything! I want to see them and maybe they'll even end up on the blog. Thanks!!xx