Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things to Love About Sumter: USC's Continuing Education classes

I've had many of my out-of-town friends ask me what I like about living in Sumter so I thought this might be a good time for a series on...... wait for it....


Creative, huh? Hah!

The first thing that I am really loving about Sumter is the Continuing Education classes offered at USC Sumter. The school offers tons of one night and weekly classes in areas like dancing (shag and ballroom), puppy training, creative writing, jewelry design, meditation, cake decorating and many more. Two weeks ago my mom and I signed up to take a one night class called Bottle and Brush and we had a great time! In the class we learned how to "express [ourselves] through painting" while also enjoying beverages and hors d'oeuvres. I cannot remember our teacher's name but she is the upper level art teacher at Wilson Hall and she was a-ma-zing! She taught us different techniques for expressing our inner emotions through abstract painting but I sprayed too much water on my canvas and ended up expressing myself through a puddle of drippy paint on the table. Whatever. It was still fun! Here are a couple of pictures from my iPhone.

My mom's beautiful painting + my paints

My canvas + what's left of my snacks

Our finished pieces. Aren't they lovely?

Bottle and Brush won't be my last Continuing Education class at USC. I'm thinking about signing up for meditation this semester and maybe trying something a bit more crafty next semester. I think jewelry design or cake decorating would be so fun!! Want to know more about USC's Continuing Education courses? Check them all out here.

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