Monday, October 31, 2011

The Spooky Sprint

Saturday afternoon I ran in the Spooky Sprint 5k in Summterton, SC and had the best time! Mark and I decided to sign up few weeks ago and the pre-race plan was to train by running at least 3 times a week, each week until the race. Mark did a fabulous job with the least one of us did. He downloaded a training app on his phone, plotted a running course and trained like a champion. I, on the other hand, sat on the couch, ate Ritz crackers and banked on the fact that my few years as a teenage track star participant would carry me to 5k success. So, early Saturday afternoon I put on my lucky 5K t-shirt and hopped in the car with HeyMatthew (my cheer section and photographer for this post), Mark + Mom for the quick drive to Summerton, SC. The weather was pretty chilly but I was feeling fast (yes, feeling fast) + the course looked exciting so I was optimistic about the race.


Pre-race details, "stretching" and course map studying.

Mark and I started the race together and ran almost a mile before splitting up. I always make the mistake of leaving the starting line with the crowd and trying to stay with them rather than pacing myself. Luckily I caught myself running too fast early on and was able to slow down and make it through without falling out.


In the end, we both finished with great times and the best part of the story is that I WON MY DIVISION! I won't say how many people I was competing against but I will say that there wasn't a ton of competition. I got a cool ghost trophy and $25 which I used after the race when we all went to Boo Mania for a trip through the haunted maze and some hot chocolate.


Ghost trophy!!

I'm so glad that I participated in the Spooky Sprint. Mark and I are looking for our next 5k and I think HeyMatthew might even give it a shot. Maybe I'll actually train for the next one. Or not....

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