Friday, October 21, 2011

My Week In iPhone Photos



1. My stepmom found a turtle at her house!! He was so cute + he was trying to swim away without any water.
2.A screenshot of Simon and Jack iChatting.They're best friends.
3. It's Kalea dressed like an owl!! Agh! Shannon made her the cutest halloween contume. I can't wait to post more pictures of her wearing it.
4. Possible Halloween costume. No?
5. My dog is cute. Nothing more.
6. Ok, so I Swiffer AT LEAST once a week but it does not matter what I do, the office floor is always this dirty. It's a room that used to be a garage and I think somehow the old garage grim comes up through the new floors. Is that possible? I mean, only two people + a dog live here. This much dirt is not okay. Oh yeah, and it's weird because if you wear white socks around they don't get dirty but the Swiffer does. Creepy.

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