Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Week in iPhone Photos



1. My editing outfit. Helps me concentrate.
2. My new phone cover. Isn't it tacky the best??? I made HeyMatthew promise to buy me anything I wanted under $10 and he actually agreed! This thing weighs about 2 pounds so I'm going to save it for special occasions.
3. Ah, the ol' Steinway. I love it.
4. This is actual hair from a person that lives in Sumter. I have so much respect for this woman. You have really got to be 100% committed to this hair to make it happen. I usually give up halfway through a ponytail.
5. MUTEMATH!!!!!!
6. My puggle is the cutest, especially when he's napping and not chewing on my shoes or blowing his nose on me.
7. Robot Candy in Charleston, SC. I love this place so much!! They have all kinds of old candy and toys and stickers. It's on King St. if you're interested.
8. Well, I reckon what we got here is nothin' more than a high maintenance cowgirl.... y'all.
9. Super big announcement coming up! I'm sure you can all figure out what it is from the photo but hold your guesses until I get the chance to ruin the fun and just tell you! Ok? OK.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday afternoon. I'm doing two different shoots this week so I should have some cool stuff to post soon.


  1. Gah your amazing Jenna.:D I love the Robot Candy store downtown! I always go there on the way back from forever21.<3

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