Friday, July 1, 2011

We went blueberry pickin'.

Some friends from church invited Mark over to pick blueberries and since I'm OBSESSED with berries, I jumped at the chance to tag along! In one hour we managed to pick over a gallon of berries and at the rate I eat them, they'll probably only last a few days. We had so much fun standing around the bushes and thankfully we made it home without any red bugs! I think blueberry season is over in a few weeks so hopefully I'll get the chance to go pick more before they're gone.


Mr. Stevens giving us the tour.


The Stevens' amazing yard!!


My basket.


Me and Mark showing off our berries.

This was my second day shooting with my Vivitar Wide and Slim. It's such a fun camera. Those vignettes are the real deal. No post processing here. I'm going to post soon about the film that I've been using for the last two posts. It's pretty interesting. Stay tuned!


  1. I heart natural vignettes!!!
    and I heart Blueberries!!!!
    BUT most of all I heart you!!!

  2. i would like this camera very much. :P I would also like some blueberries.

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