Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's In My Bag- Vacation Edition

I've seen so many photographers write about what they keep in their camera bags so I thought I might give it a try but mix it up a bit and do a post about what I keep in my vacation bag. I usually store my gear in three separate places (1. My pelican case 2. my Domke bag 3. my fanny pack.. yes, fanny pack!) so I'll be pulling from each of these to create the perfect gear combination for my trip this weekend. It's been a little tricky to pack because of the nature of my trip- I'll spend half of my time in Las Vegas photographing all of the lights, nightlife and action that comes with Sin City and the other half in Arizona shooting (Grand) canyons and ... well... whatever comes with canyons. Mountain goats? No clue. I need gear that can handle all types of light, withstand elements or accidents and that weighs less than 50,000 pounds when it is all in one bag. After weeks of going back and forth between cameras and searching for the perfect bag for the trip, I think I've finally made up my mind.
The bag I picked is the Manfrotto Veloce V backpack in black. Its got tons of room and sits comfortably on my back. I am mostly taking this bag for the hiking part of the trip (I refuse to walk the strip in my heels & Vegas dress + this bag!) but it has enough space that I'll be using it as my carry on for my gear and my personal stuff. All of the gear mentioned in this post fits in or on my bag comfortably. It's crazy!! Now, for the gear list...

  • Canon 5D w/24-70mm 2.8L

  • Mamiya 645 AF w/ 80mm 2.8

  • Holga

  • Canon G11

  • HD Flip Video

  • Manfrotto Tripod- 055X PROB legs + 486RC2 head

  • Macbook Pro + LaCie hard drive (I'm still unsure about this. I might just take the iPad but that means no REAL blogging until I get back.)

  • Pelican CF card holder ( I love this thing!) + 5 8g CF cards

  • 5 rolls of the new Portra 400 120, 4 rolls of Ilford FP4 125 120, 4 rolls of Ilford 3200

  • Camera straps, battery charger, notepad + pen

  • Pretty simple, huh? Hah! I hope I won't regret any of my choices- the only real thing that I could see happening is that I will wish I had a wider lens for that big ol' canyon but I'm in the middle of cleaning out + getting new lenses and a super wide angle isn't something that I have right now. C'est la vie. Anywhoo, I'll post updates if I change my mind on any of this but I think this could be it!! Can't wait to leave!!

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