Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

The entire time I was in Utah & Arizona I kept saying, "I wish I had a wider lens, I wish I had a wider lens, I WISH I HAD A WIDER LENS!!!". So the first order of business when I got back- getting a wider lens or at least a wide angle point and shoot. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim!


Isn't it lovely??

This little gem is about as basic as they come with a shutter button and a winder and.....that's it. There are no settings for focus, aperture or shutter speed and no batteries! The camera has a 22mm plastic lens (love that wide angle) and shoots at f/11 + 1/125. I shot 400 speed film and found that many of my shots were underexposed so this will definitely be a camera to carry around on day trips only. When these came out they were originally VERY cheap and sometimes even free with purchase of a magazine subscription but over the last few years the Wide & Slim has developed a very strong following and runs about $40 to $50 online. The W&S is known for it's nice vignetting and has become a favorite for toy camera enthusiasts. I just shot a few casual shots in the backyard to make sure the camera worked but I'm really looking forward to shooting more serious work with it very soon. Until then, enjoy this shot of Simon and Jack. Best dog friends for life!


Special thanks to HeyMatthew for introducing me to this new, fun camera!