Friday, June 3, 2011

Roadtrip to "the ville"

If there is one thing that I know about Sumter it's that there is absolutely nothing to do here. Literally. Nothing. Now, usually these types of situations are very bad/boring/depressing but sometimes there is just so much nothing... that you have to do something. Still with me? Good.
Yesterday, HeyMatthew and I loaded up the cameras, got in the car and started driving. Our trip took us to a fireworks stand, a scary ant infested swamp bridge and finally to Pearl Friar's house in Bishopville. I was shooting Fuji Pro 160s with my A2 and HP5 with my Mamiya 645 and lucky for me, Walgreens knows what to do with the Fuji film!! Points for you, Sumter! I will say that I wasn't super crazy with the color saturation of the film- most of my shots from Pearl's house are lame-o but it is nice to shoot a roll of film that can be processed for less than $15. Right, Accuphoto? Wouldn't you agree that charging $15 for one roll is crazy? Oh wait..... Moving on.....

Here are a just a few of my shots from our little trip around "the ville". Wish me luck on those lotto tickets. If I win, the first person to comment gets cash money. How does $100,000 sound?? Well, then get to commenting!




  1. Beautiful! I always love your work, you take the simplest things and make them awesome!