Thursday, June 2, 2011

iPhone clean-up.

After many failed attempts to delete photos from my iPhone I decided that a post of pics could be fun AND give me a way to clean my phone without the stress of losing my precious pictures. So... here is an iPhone photo collage from the last 6 months or so. Side note- this blog really did start out as a way for me to show my professional work but so far it's a lot of iPhone pics & nonsense. My bad.

1. Me and my wonderful friend Melinda at her Under the Radar show last week at the City Gallery. She rocks and her show was a huge success! So proud of her!!!

2. Jack's hospital bandage from the time he ate a chocolate bar two chocolate bars out of my purse + gum + lipstick + raisins + dimes + something the vet couldn't identify. Talk about a guilty dog mom! I felt so bad!!!

3.Tim Slayton's baby picture. Enough said. Hahahaha!!!!

4. Brian Ford and National Geographic photographer, Bob Krist. Brian LOVES BK + all things Nat Geo so this was a really special occasion.

5. From the time Jack took me to Waffle House. JUST KIDDING!!! We went to IHOP.

6.iPhone tilt shift from New York. Too much??

7. I voted and all of my choices lost. What's new?

8. From the time I brought Shannon to Sumter, spent the whole drive telling her how high the crime rate is and then walked her around all day while she silently panicked. Sorry, Shan. It's really not that dangerous.

9. Pinhole cameras in Shannon's living room. Her crazy cool vacuum has a sanding attachment... like, an actual sanding machine thing... with sand paper and everything. Cray cray!

10. Sweet tat.

11. I went to hop in the shower and when I pulled back the curtain, out popped the scary shower monster. Only kidding! That's Jack.

12. Matthew saw his photo on the side of a building. Go HeyMatthew!

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