Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 5- Valley of Fire & LOVE

June 16, 2011- It's 10 pm in Las Vegas and I am already in bed. Gotta hit the hay early if I'm going to beat the old people to the breakfast buffet! Hah...kidding! Today was such a long day and after Hoover Dam, Red Rock, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, sunburns, fast food 3 meals a day and today's activities...I'm pooped!


Me & HeyMatthew hangin' out at the V of F sign

We got up this morning and drove about 2 hours towards Vegas before taking a slight detour through The Valley of Fire State Park. I'd never heard about Valley of Fire but after seeing it I'm surprised it's not on everyone's Vegas to-do list. It's a little further out that Red Rock or Hoover Dam but I thought it was much better than both of those. If you google Valley of Fire you'll see an image that you will probably recognize of an arch made of bright red rock. I'm always excited to see famous photo subjects in real life and after a little bit of searching- we found it! I must admit that it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be (and 20 feet in the air) but it was still cool. See the arch in this image on the upper right.


Another great thing about Valley of Fire is that you can hike or climb anywhere in the park. There are signs to show you the best spots for hiking and it's not very hard to find a rock to climb...they're everywhere! I tried my hand at hiking/climbing and made it pretty far up this rock. I'm actually a lot higher up than it looks like I am. Really!

See me circled in yellow?


We shot off a few rolls of film and headed out of the park. I'm not sure if it's the heat or the sun or the elevation or the timezones but we are feeling pretty sick...headaches and nausea mostly. Bleh. After Valley of Fire we drove back to Vegas and almost immediately started getting ready for our Cirque Du Soleil show, LOVE. This was my 3rd Cirque show and it was not at all like the others I've seen. Usually their shows include acrobatics but LOVE was mostly singing and dancing. It wasn't what I expected but it was so beautiful and I really enjoyed it. We are thinking about maybe trying to see one or two more shows while we are here but after these last few days in the sun, I'm spending all day tomorrow in bed. I might even splurge and order room service. Goodnight.

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