Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4- Grand Canyon

After the tour of Antelope Canyon, we hopped straight into the car and made the short but scary ride to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. You have to drive through the Kaibib National Forrest to get to the north rim and while it was super beautiful, those winding mountain roads make me nervous! I love the way mountains look but I get nervous driving on I-95 so mountain driving really freaks me out. After a 2 hour drive from Page, Arizona we finally arrived and all I can really say is that the Grand Canyon is incredible!!! I thought it was going to be like the Statue of Liberty (small and disappointing) but it was bigger than I could have ever imagined!! I couldn't even figure out how to photograph it because it's just so big!! I'm so glad we made time in the schedule for the Grand Canyon. Most of my GC photos are on film so expect more in a few weeks.


North Rim, Grand Canyon

After we left the canyon we drove straight to St George, Utah where I ate my first In-and-out Burger (also totally amazing), checked into a hotel and crawled into bed. That brings us up to where I am currently so I'm going to turn the lamp off and sleep. More tomorrow!!

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