Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4- Antelope Canyon

June 15, 2011- I started this morning at 6am. I'm on east coast time and still rising and falling with the senior citizens on the west coast. We got dressed and headed out about 8:00 to get things done before our 10:00 tour of antelope canyon. First stop- breakfast! We found this wonderful roadside cafe called RD's Drive-In and stopped in for a delicious egg sandwich, hash browns and milk.
The food was great and they had fry sauce!!! My east coast readers probably have no clue what that is so here's the scoop. Shannon and I got in the habit of eating Chick Fil A on Tuesdays and Thursdays for pretty much an entire semester. Each time we would sit down to eat, Shannon would mix ketchup and mayonnaise together and call it fry sauce. I would be all 'fry sauce ain't real, thas nasty' and Shannon would be all 'fry sauce is real and in Utah it comes packaged and SC stinks'. Just like that. Every week. Well, today I saw it and it is real!! Shannon was right.... but it's still nasty. Also, nothing to do with this day but yesterday I texted Shannon and said "I'm in Utah and everyone talks like you". She wrote me back and said "Well, I'm in SC and everyone talks like you". I thought that was SO funny.
After our delicious breakfast we took a short drive over to a scenic view spot and hiked down to take some pictures. While taking a photo of me with my camera HeyMatthew notices that my camera wouldn't focus to infinity! One hour before the photo tour that I had been looking forward to for months we figure out that it's not the lens but the camera and it is BROKEN. I did the only thing I knew to do and slammed Canon on twitter while sobbing into my hands. It was pathetic but so necessary. After my 5 minute pity party (sorry about that @senoni81, @putagrande, @gpartin1, @mpartin1, @heymatthew & anyone else who had to read my empty threats of throwing my camera into the canyon) I pulled myself together and loaded up the film cameras for a day of wonderful shooting. We got to the tour meet up area for the Overland Canyon Tour Company, met our wonderful tour guide Jackson and loaded up to go on our photography tour of Upper Antelope Canyon. I didn't realize it but to get to the canyon you have to drive through super deep sand so you have to be in a 4x4 and you bounce and slide all over the place. I'll post a video of was a blast. The tour was amazing and our guide made it all the better. I was surprised at how many people were in the canyon at one time but the walls are so high that I was able to shoot over everyone's heads without any problems. Here are some of my photos.




It was such a great time and I would recommend the tour (especially Overland Canyon Tours) to anyone. Other than my trip to Africa, this was my favorite thing I have ever done. It was definitely the most beautiful place I have ever been.

It was a rough ride!

Inside the canyon

One of the tour guides

Up next- the GRAND CANYON!!!!

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  1. This post was yummy in my tummy!!! Well all of the posts have been great but this one was awesome;) LOVE the pics and the video!!