Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 3- Red Rock Canyon + Hoover Dam

JUNE 14, 2011- Today is the start of what I have been looking forward to for months- our wild west adventure! Enterprise rental car picked us up at our hotel at 7, which was easy since we are still on east coast time. We went to their main office, picked out our teeny tiny little jelly bean car (we totally should have upgraded to at least something with power locks) and hit the road. First stop- red rock canyon! Red Rock is about 20 miles west of Las Vegas and is a really easy day trip for people who don't want to get too far out of the city. The downside to this is that Red Rock is packed full of people!! The roads are full, the parking lots are full and the trails are full. Someone even made a nasty comment to me about having a tripod out in such a "desirable spot" with so many people around. Whateves! It's really quite beautiful and worth the drive if you can deal with all of the annoying tourists and the heat! No shade here, folks. Just red, hot desert!! Here are a couple of shots from the canyon. Most of my photos of the red rocks are on film so you'll see more of those in a few weeks.


Next stop- HOOVER DAM!! I was only slightly excited about the dam because I'd seen it a couple of years ago and there's nothing new to see, right? WRONG! They have done soooo much construction in such a short amount of time. It's incredible! There is a HUGE new bridge + a couple of new buildings. It's really so pretty at the dam and it's also a great chance to make dam jokes. It's just so dam fun! See what I did there?
Our trip to Hoover was VERY short (I'm talking 5 minutes or less) because the heat and altitude were so unbearable but I'm so glad we went! It was great!


After Hoover Dam we headed towards Debbie's Hide A Way, our hotel for the night. This place is so cool that I'm going to do a seperate post on it soon. Here is one last shot and a short video of Hoover Dam. You can see where the new bridge is in relation to the dam. Pretty incredible, right??


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