Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 1- Flights + Fountains

Our first day of vacation got off to a slightly rocky start. With a flight out of Charleston at 6am, I started my day at 3:45- jack was so mad! Luckily, someone else drove us to the airport so my brain didn't have to actually wake up or do any thinking until much later. The flight from Charleston to Atlanta went by without much excitement. I did, however, come in 3rd out of 17 passengers in the airplane trivia game. Trivia beast!


As soon as we landed in Atlanta, I found the nearest bench and took the best nap of my life! Two hours later I woke up refreshed and hopped on a flight to Vegas.

I failed to take into account the three hour time difference so what I thought was a 2 hour flight was actually a 5 hour flight (oh, snap!) but luckily I had a great book (Hunger Games) so it went by pretty fast.
After we landed in Vegas & checked into our hotel, we went for a quick walk down the strip. We have a list of things to do and see and luckily we stumbled upon one of our things- the fountain show at Bellagio. I had just seen the fountains a few years ago and on The Bachelorette last week so it was pretty cool to see it again in real life. A different fountain show runs every 15 minutes all day long, so it's worth it to stick around for a few or visit a few times.

Please excuse my loud screaming at the end of this video.

We also spent some time walking around The Bellagio, MGM Grand, Excaliber, The Luxor and The Tropicana. I could spend days walking around in the hotels- they're so amazing!! It was a great first day in Vegas !!

** My film is in Kansas being processed at Dwayne's Photo so all of the photos for this and the next few posts will be from my iPhone, Flip cam or my G11 and will be low quality. Forgive me. I can't carry around 10 cameras at a time- just 4. **

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  1. Ugh you're so lucky! I want to see the Bellagio show so bad. We have plenty of spots around here with really nice outdoor water features but they just don't compare to the Bellagio fountain show, at least from what I've seen in videos.