Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye, Charleston! See you soon!!

It's been a few weeks since my last post because I've been a little busy. I went back on a promise that I made to myself 8 years ago and... MOVED BACK TO SUMTER!!! Wait, wait. I know what you're thinking but so far it has actually been quite nice. I'm currently living with my parents but found the most amazing house in the historic district that I hope, hope, hope I can get. It's quirky, old and a couple hundred dollars cheaper than any place I ever lived in Charleston. I know it sounds like I'm getting comfortable in this town but I WILL go to grad school next fall so I'm making the most of this year off and trying to enjoy small town living. I haven't found a job yet so if you or anyone you know needs a nanny or photographer- CALL ME! I'm headed to Vegas in 10 days so until I get back I'm staying with my parents and trying to help out around the house.

I planted flowers in the planter two days ago and so far they are blooming and beautiful! I don't know how they survive in this awful heat but so far so good!

Last night I made my famous chicken pot pie and also cut up a cantaloupe that I grew myself. Haha. I didn't really grow (or cut) the cantaloupe but I did make a delicious dinner that was enjoyed by all. BTW- That beautiful model is my mom. Hi, mom!!!

I've been catching up on my TV. Since moving in my mom has me hooked on The Voice and The Bachelor and I've gotten myself addicted to Dr. Phil and Swamp People.

Jack LOVES it here. He has his own backyard that is perfect for napping in the sun and chasing birds.

So far so good in Sumter. I'm sure I'll miss Charleston but living is just easier here. No traffic, no egos, no crazy rent and no rush to do anything. More to come over the next few weeks.

Check out this crazy, sweaty picture that HeyMatthew took of me on moving day. Gross!!!

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