Saturday, February 19, 2011

Charleston ADDY Awards 2011

Last night Charleston creatives came out in full force (and full camo) to celebrate this years local ADDY competition. I knew ahead of time that I won two awards but didn't find out until I arrived that I won a silver and a bronze. All that stuff about goin' for the gold... well, it didn't happen but there's always next year, I guess. Here I am with my two awards. Notice that they are printed to look like animal targets which matched this years hunting theme.

These are the wonderful people that I get to spend my days learning and working with. Everyone in the group shot looks pretty ridiculous but these are some of the most talented people I know. Bridget (in the front, orange vest) suggested that we all "do an arm thing" and this is what happened. The second photo is of me and my wonderful friend Jenn Belk... and Bridget is peeking through from behind.

Up next is Mr Richard Dooley who was trying to be sneaky and take an over-the-head photo. I am the master at shooting people who try and shoot me, as you can see from this shot. Also, we ate hotdogs and had drinks. There is proof.

Finally, pictures of Matthew and my parents. They all came to support me and I'm so glad they did. While we were there we actually found out that Matthew won some stuff too. YAY! I have the best family!

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