Monday, December 27, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta turn that focus ring.

I've spent a few weeks experimenting with the idea of sharp images paired with blurry images. My thought was that people would see that there had been some type of event or shift that caused the individual to see their environment differently. Well, I thought that this was such an amazing idea until my friend said "Oh yeah, I was doing that in photoshop a few years ago but realized that it was just dumb". ACK! There really is no way to recover from that one. Anywhoo, this is my take on blurry vs sharp as a symbol of emotional shifting and hopefully it's not dumb... but I'm open to the idea that it might be. This is The Way Things Looked Before and Now and it was taken in NYC in 2010.

Also, Matthew over at HeyMatthew! did a fun series of experimental, out of focus, crazy colored abstracts on his blog and I must say that I think they're pretty rad. Check them out here.

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