Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010: My photographic review!

As I get ready for New Years and 2011 I thought it would be fun to take a look back on all of the photography related happenings from 2010. Personally, this year was pretty terrible BUT in terms of photography, it was great! So without further ado, my summary of 2010!

My camera purchases for 2010 were without a doubt the best I've ever made. I finally bought a Hasselblad 500c and I cannot believe I didn't get one sooner! The durability, image quality and reliability of this camera are amazing and it's the same camera that the astronauts used in the Apollo moon landings! So rad! I was so used to seeing things in 4.5x6 but it only took one roll of film for me to fall in love with that beautiful 6x6 format. What's in the cards for 2011? Large format!

Best Photo Nerd Moment
Without a doubt, my best photo nerd moment of this year (and probably of my entire life) was going to see the Pictures by Women show at MOMA. Wow! I get excited just looking at books about these women but to see their work in person was so moving, so exciting and so completely overwhelming. I saw images by Diane Arbus, Imogen Cunningham, Nan Goldin, Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman and my absolute favorite, Sally Mann! EEK! I'm sure everyone thought I was completely out of my mind, standing there in front of a Sally Mann print with a few little tears streaming down my face. Photo nerd moment! Anywhoo, here are a few photos from MOMA...

Best 'Behind the Camera' Moment
My best photo moment behind the camera was my trip to Cataloochee Ranch in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Right after the house fire, HeyMatthew! swept me up and took me on the most cathartic trip of my entire life. I sat in field of flowers, walked through horse pastures, ate hotdogs on the side of a mountain and spent an afternoon sitting on the porch of a mountain moster's cabin. I took my Bronica ETRS and shoot 8 rolls of the most wonderfully peaceful images that I've ever taken. That trip was great for so many reasons but it was the first time that I realized that everything was going to be ok. I'm so thankful to have photos from that time. I'll be sure to post more of those images this week.

Favorite Film
I could write an entire novel about my love affair with Ilford Delta ISO3200 film. The tonality, the grain, the high speed capabilities! I cannot say enough for this film. I realize that 3200 isn't for everyone (especially people who like being out in the sun) but it always seems to work for what I'm shooting. Even Santa knows about my current obsession and brought me 15 rolls for Christmas. Well played, Santa. Well played.

Favorite Photography Website or Blog
I'm so grateful that this year I was introduced to to APUG.org. APUG, which stands for the Analog Photography Users Group, is a site dedicated to photography articles and information, image critiques, discussion boards, films, camera, classifieds and portfolios. I even found a group for people who love Bronicas (Go 4.5 x 6!)and that is pretty special. The best part about the whole site is that there is NO DIGITAL ALLOWED! Whoo hoo! I love digital photography as much as the next person but there is something so annoying about trying to talk film and having someone start talking to you about RAW files. It is free to look around the site but to access the portfolio, gallery or critique sections you have to be a subscriber. The yearly cost is about $25 but it is so worth it. Join today!

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